Why is India-China Bonhomie Vital For South Asia’s Fortunes?

India-China relations are undergoing a swift rapprochement after the Doklam standoff came to end. Since then India and China have vowed to resolve issues and come closer to each other in the wake of similar challenges posed by the west.

Several high-level meetings between the two nations have been held in recent times and both the nations have promised each other to extend cooperation across several dimensions. This newfound jubilation in India-China relations promises great bounties for the entire South Asian region.

India and China are adopting similar approaches on free trade, counterterrorism and even on a wide range of global issues. Working together on several platforms like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS and others have imparted a fresh energy to India-China relations which may well turn out to be very auspicious for South Asia. Recently Indian and Chinese troops participated in the joint military drills hosted by Russia under the SCO which brought the two nations even closer.

India a Natural Partner in OBOR: China

China and India account for 20% of the world’s population and for 20% of the world’s GDP. China is amid a massive trade war with the US and that opens up the Chinese market for India which can further escalate the Indo-Sino relations as the west continues to act protectionist. It is time that India and China should stop seeing a competition in each other and rather see an opportunity in prospering together. China believes that India is its natural partner in the One Belt One Road initiative of Beijing.

India also showed a good gesture when it distanced itself from the alliance formed by Japan, Australia and the US to create hurdles for the Belt and Road Initiative of China and launch a front for investing heavily in South Asia. China surely acknowledges the gesture and that will deepen the bilateral ties between the neighbouring nations.