Jodhpur Tragedy: Pakistani Migrants Wanted To Return From India But Their Passports Were Burned – Pak Media

In the horrific Jodhpur tragedy, 11 Hindu refugees of a family from Pakistan were mysteriously found dead in Rajasthan. The family had arrived in India from Pakistan in 2015 for a better life. 

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Pakistan and its media have taken a pot-shot at the Jodhpur tragedy and stated that it is reflective of the reality that the so-called secular country under Modi is not even safe for Hindu community—let alone for Muslims.

The deceased were migrants from Pakistan belonging to Bhil community and had been living on the farm in the village, which they had rented for farming. The police, for now, suspect that a family dispute could have resulted in this tragedy. A detailed investigation into the matter is now underway.

Pakistan Hindu Council patron-in-chief Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has blamed the Indian government for the death of the Pakistani migrant family. Ramesh, who is also a ruling PTI MNA said that the unfortunate family hailed from a small village of Lundo in Shahdadpur in Sindh’s Sanghar district.

He said the family had migrated to India in search of a better life. “Whether this family had committed suicide or were murdered, the liability lies with the Indian government,” adding that latest incident is a lesson for Pakistani Hindu community who wish to settle in India for a better life.

PTI MNA, Lal Malhi said many scheduled caste Hindus who immigrated to India some twenty years ago are still waiting for citizenship.  Dewan Sachal, another Hindu lawmaker from Sindh, also held New Delhi responsible for the Jodhpur tragedy.

He, in a tweet, said the inhumane treatment meted out to the family led to the alleged mass suicide just because they wanted to return back to Pakistan but their passports had been burnt by the officials.

Meanwhile, Jodhpur MP and Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat lashed out at the state government, claiming that the tragedy raises a question mark over the “working style” of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

“Those dead include two men, four women and five children. One after other, very frightening incidents reflecting the deteriorating situation of the state, are coming to the fore. The government should swing into action and clear the picture,” Shekhawat tweeted.