Iran Keen To Acquire Advanced Fighter Jets to Challenge Israel, Saudi Arabia

Iran plans to boost its ballistic and cruise missile capability and obtain latest fighter jets and submarines, the Iranian state news quoted a senior defence official. Iran faces major challenges from region foes Saudi Arabia and Israel, besides looming threats from the US and is keen to acquire the latest defence technology.

News of the military development proposals came a day after Iran rejected a French call for discussions on Tehran’s future nuclear plans, its ballistic missile stockpile and its role in wars in Syria and Yemen, following the U.S. pullout from Tehran’s nuclear agreement with global powers.

State media also reported the commencement of war games involving some 150,000 volunteer Basij militia members, who vowed to defend the Islamic Republic against “foreign threats” including its arch-enemies, the United States and Israel

Tehran is enraged over Donald Trump’s resolution to withdraw from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and re-impose sanctions on Tehran. Senior Iranian officials have threatened Iran will not yield to a repeated U.S. campaign to choke Iran’s vital oil exports.
They say the country’s missile program is solely for defence purposes and is non-negotiable.

“Propelling ballistic and cruise missile capability and the procurement of next-generation fighters and heavy and long-range jets and submarines with advanced capabilities are among the new drafts of this ministry,” said Mohammad Ahadi, deputy defence minister for international affairs, IRNA said.

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