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Russia-Azerbaijan Relations Strengthens with Massive Defence Deal

Russia-Azerbaijan Relations seems to be surging with Azerbaijan purchasing Russian-made military-technical equipment worth over $5 B. This was confirmed by President Ilham Aliyev following talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

“We discussed additional collaboration in the military-technical sphere. The cost of the military-technical equipment purchased by Azerbaijan from Russia exceeds $5 B, and this will grow further,” he said.

Aliyev emphasised that “Azerbaijan continues to modernize its Armed Forces, and Russia is  one of the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of defence equipments.”

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are developing along both the political and the economic lines. “It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Sochi. I would like to emphasise that our meetings should be held frequently, and this is only natural since we enjoy close relations and strategic partnership,” said Putin.

Last year trade between our Russia and Azerbaijan expanded by 34%, whereas in the first six months of this year the sales volumes of civilian industry products grew by 20% These are very good signs.” “Naturally, we always have topics for discussion, and I am very glad that you accepted our invitation and came to Russia today. Welcome,” said Putin

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