India Opens Worlds Biggest Visa Centre in Dhaka; But Continues to Demonise Bangladeshi Citizens

Indian Home Minister recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) in Dhaka, which is the Worlds’ Largest Indian Visa Centre. Netizens argue that India is leaving no stones unturned to demonize the citizens of Bangladesh, while on the other hand, Delhi is going an extra mile to woo the Government and People of Bangladesh with a multitude of projects.

Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh along with his Bangladesh counterpart Asaduzzaman Khan formally inagurated Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC)by giving the passports with Indian visas to few visa applicants from Bangladesh.

According to Bangladesh Media, the Indian minister handed over a five-year multiple entry tourist-visa to a Bangladeshi citizen under freedom fighter category, while the Bangladesh home minister handed over a five-year multiple entry tourist-visa to Indian citizen under senior citizen category.

Bangladesh – Largest Source of Tourists in India

After the inauguration of Indian Visa Application Centre, Indian ambassador said the High Commission in Dhaka issued 14 lakh visas last year to bangladeshi citizens, the highest in the world. He said the new visa centre with all the facilities should be able to issue about 5,000 visas every day. The Indian High Commission issued 9.76 lakh visas in 2016 and today Bangladeshi people constitute the largest number of visitors to India, he added.

Located in an 18,500 square feet commercial area, the Indian Visa Application Centre will have facilities like automatic token vending machines, spacious seating arrangements, air-conditioned waiting area, coffee and soft drinks vending machines, food kiosks and as many as 48 counters for the submission of applications. Separate counters will be reserved for senior citizens, women, muktijodhas and business applicants.

The consolidation of Indian visa application services along with the provision of facilities, exhibit the persistent efforts of the Indian High Commission, in collaboration with its outsourced partners, the State Bank of India, to further streamline the Indian visa application process and encourage people-to-people contact between India and Bangladesh.

Earlier, as reported by EurAsian Times Bangladesh High Commissioner to India had dismissed that Bangladeshis were illegally coming to India. In his report, he stated, “Our national income is much better than Assam. There is no reason for Bangladeshi citizens to leave their country and go to Assam”.

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