Indian and Russian Railways Collaborate For North-South Transport Corridor

Indian and Russian Railways are exploring possibilities to create a joint rail freight operator for boosting the volume of goods from India to Europe via Russia. This was stated by the Russian company’s First Deputy CEO, Alexander Misharin according to SputnikNews.

“The vital area of the collaboration which has been developing this year, is the organisation of shipping, including in the North-South Transport Corridor, and the creation of a joint operator. We believe that it is one of the most crucial aspects which will facilitate to propel the volumes of shipping and traffic of goods from India and Europe and in the opposite direction through the Russian territory,” Misharin said

Misharin also stated that Russian Railways is planning to deliver rolling stock to Indian Railways, adding that the first batch will include 100 railroad cars. Today, we will discuss the joint organisation and the delivery of the rolling stock as well as the localization of manufacturing and the organisation of building railroad cars here. The volume of railway business in India is extremely high so penetrating this lucrative market is very important and interesting for the Russian Railways, according to Misharin.

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