Indian Army Testing ‘New Techniques’ To Prepare For Cross Border Strikes

The Indian Army is working on a new concept of splitting the Integrated Battle Groups and strengthening the core brigade. Indian Army will examine this new concept as part of an exercise to be held in Punjab, says the top officials.

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The exercise will consist of two forms of the Integrated Battle Group (IBG), the first form will cover aggressive roles for carrying out cross border operations and the other will be in the form of the defence to bear enemy attack.

During the exercise, IBGs will act as brigades consisting of three to four units of approximately 800 troops each. The IBG also have access to all the components of warfare including the artillery guns, tanks, air defence, and logistics.

The Integrated Battle Group is more efficient because of its composition and inbuilt units than the other structures. During the war, a Brigade takes time in loading various units including artillery and logistics. This also affects the movement of the Brigade.

The arrangement of IBG is done in such a way that they are capable of performing an aggressive role with the help of the modernized mechanism which consists of powerful tanks to perform cross border operations. The Indian army has four troops which include tanks and artillery guns. In the case of defensive roles, a large number of ground troops are present.

This is used for extending support to the attacking troops in order to defend enemies. The two roles will be analysed by the ministry of defence for the final approval after the proper testing. The top official said: “If the concept works, then we will see where it can be applied. For example, if a division can be divided into two IBGs or a brigade can be upgraded.”

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