Pakistan Keen To Hike Defence Budget Despite Crumbling Economy

Pakistan seems to be divided on the issue of increasing the country’s defence budget. Pakistan’s economy is suffering and recently received bailout packages from Saudi, UAE and China, but a debate is on whether the defence budget can be hiked our not. 

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Pakistan’s information minister Fawad Chaudry said that Pakistan can’t support any reduction in country’s defence budget as it is already considered inferior in relation to its neighbouring South Asian countries.

Pakistan’s minister emphasised on defence and security needs saying, “The country’s defence budget is already low as compared to other states in the region, and therefore it should be increased. Some people have problems with the defence budget and try to make it an issue. However, they don’t know that our defence budget is already lower than that of other states in the region, including India.”

A certain section of Pakistan’s politicians is asking for the cut in the defence budget. Although, the analyst believes that Imran Khan’s government will not take any such action. Some section also felt that the current Pakistani government is under the control of the Pakistani Army and the ISI. Hence, the reduction in the defence budget will never be tolerated by the Pakistani army.

The United States has made a significant reduction in financial aid to Pakistan as a result of the growing incidence of terrorism on Pakistan’s territory. Pakistan also asked the IMF to grant financial assistance. Pakistan’s current PM has asked for help from the diasporic community of Pakistan but the opposition leaders have consistently regarded present government as incapable of bringing changes.

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