China Appreciates International Efforts To Retain Peace In Venezuela

China’s Foreign Ministry will support global efforts for retaining the peaceful atmosphere in Venezuela. Beijing believes that Venezuela must restore peace through dialogue, says the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro accused of crimes against humanity

The twenty European Union Nations have extended their support to the United States for Venezuela’s Interim President, Juan Guaaido. These nations are also trying to create pressure on President Nicolas Maduro for conducting the fresh elections in Venezuela.

The European Union and a group of Latin American countries have also extended support for the conference and fresh elections. However, the International Contact Group on Venezuela which is supported by the European Union has put emphasis on the fact that forceful interventions in Venezuela can further intensify the existing crisis.

The foreign ministry of China informed that China has also extended its support to the international efforts on retaining peace in Venezuela and wish that all the nations will come together to play a productive role. “Venezuela’s affairs should be resolved by its people within the framework of the Constitution and the law through peaceful dialogue and political channels,” the Chinese Ministry added.

Venezuela received approximately 50 billion dollars loan from China as part of the oil-for-loan agreements. Through this move, China is trying to fulfill its energy supply needs. While Venezuela is facing a crisis due to the sudden rise in oil prices.

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