India Worst, Taiwan Best For Country For Expatriates – Expat Insider Report

India received the unflattering honour of being one of the worst places for expatriates to live in this year’s Expat Insider report. The report was published by the Inter Nations, a network which connects expatriates living around the world.

The countries have been ranked based on the quality of life, ease of settling in, working, family life, and personal finance.

A total of 20,259 expatriates took part in the survey representing 182 nationalities living in 187 countries. India comes in at 59 out of the 64 nations surveyed. The United Kingdom, Turkey, Brazil, Nigeria, Italy and Kuwait also top off the worst countries for expatriates.

Taiwan, meanwhile, takes the top spot followed by Vietnam and Portugal as the best destinations to live for expats.

Since first featuring in the survey in 2016, Taiwan has consistently ranked in the top 5. In 2019, it managed to reclaim the top spot. Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Bahrain, Ecuador, Malaysia and the Czech Republic are next in line.

Taiwan offers a great quality of life (3rd out of 64 destinations), favourable personal finances (6th), an impressive working life (8th), and good results for ease of settling in (14th).

There is no better place for finances and working abroad than Vietnam as it ranks first in both.

After two years in the top 10, Portugal finally joined the top three in 2019.



Respondents in the country are most likely to recommend expat life, and an impressive 83 per cent agree it is easy to settle down in Portugal.

Eight of the ten best-rated destinations already featured in 2018 top 10, with only Vietnam (from 14th to 2nd) and Malaysia (from 17th to 9th) new in 2019. The two Tiger Cubs join Asian Tigers Taiwan (1st) and Singapore (6th), which have always ranked at least in the top 15.