India-Pakistan Engage in Track-II Dialogue From Today To Ease Bilateral Ties

Pakistan and India will engage in Track-II dialogue from today with the aim of relaxing bilateral ties between two nuclear-armed neighbours. Utilising the diplomatic channels, the delegations from the two countries will include foreign office officials and former envoys as well.

Pakistan Will Only Open Its Airspace If India Removes Fighter Jets From Forward Airbases

The talks for reviving Track-II diplomacy will take place in the capital and continue for two days. The second phase of the talks will take place in New Delhi. Following the rise in tensions in February, the recent talks are of utmost importance for the two neighbouring countries.

The purpose behind the revival of talks is to push the youth of the two countries towards peace and harmony. Tensions soared between India and Pakistan in the aftermath of the February 14 suicide bombing in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir.

India blamed Pakistan for Pulwama bombing, an allegation strongly refuted by Islamabad. In response, India carried out air strikes on February 26 targetting militant training camp at Balakot inside Pakistan.

The Pakistan Air Force, in retaliatory action and ensuing dogfight, downed an Indian aircraft the next day while also ‘losing’ F-16 Fighter Jet. The PAF captured Indian Pilot – Wing Commander Abhinandan who was later released within 48 hours fearing Indian retaliation (Islamabad called it a peace gesture). The relations ever since have been very tense.