Pakistan Will Only Open Its Airspace If India Removes Fighter Jets From Forward Airbases

Islamabad has again turned down India’s request to remove the restriction on the Pakistani airspace which has caused massive loss of revenues and inconvenience to global operators. The airspace was closed after India intruded into the Pakistani airspace which escalated tensions between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan Shoots Down Two Indian Fighter Jets But May Retract Statement

Aviation Secretary Shahrukh Nusrat informed the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation that his department has intimated Indian officials that Pakistani airspace would remain unavailable for use by India until war jets are removed from Indian airbases.

After the restrictions, India has been diverting all of its passenger flights to alternative routes. The CAA official also contested India’s claim that Delhi had opened its airspace for Pakistan.

“Pakistani flights from Thailand have not been restored since the closure of the Indian airspace. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights for Malaysia also remain suspended,” the CAA DG informed the committee.

He further apprised the committee that Indian officials have contacted Pakistan requesting it to lift the airspace restriction. “However, Indian officials have been told that Indian airbases are still laden with fighter jets and Pakistan will not allow the resumption of flight operations from India until their removal,” said Nusrat.

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