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India Israel Relations Beckon New Horizons

How will India Israel relations shape up after recent UNGA vote? The recent meeting of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is a step towards stronger India Israel relations. The Israeli PM is on a 6-day visit to India with the hope of making India Israel relations bilaterally strong. He brings with him the positive intention of making India Israel relations stronger than ever before. This visit commemorates 25 years of diplomatic India Israel relations establishment.

PM Modi had visited Israel 6 months ago, making it the first ever visit by an Indian PM to Israel. Apart from the PM Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu will also meet and discuss the future possibilities of the India Israel relations with The President, Ram Nath Kovind and Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj.

Summit Talks in New Delhi for India Israel Relations

The two Prime Ministers, along with a large business delegation of 130 members, the largest delegation of its kind from Israel, are holding summit talks in the capital city. India Israel relations are expected to grow stronger in both trade and defence. The two countries intend to sign several deals across different sectors including defence, renewable sources of energy, natural gas and oil, amendment of standard procedures at airports, regulations for cybersecurity and more.

Did the UN General Assembly vote affect India Israel relations?

India, along with 127 countries, voted in favour of the resolution that opposed the decision of Donald Trump that appealed recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, at the United Nations General Assembly, held last month. The negative vote by India has had no effect on the India Israel relations as the Israeli PM stated that even though there was a slight disappointment, this visit testifies the positive and strong relations between the two countries.

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