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India-China Doklam Issue: Chinese FM Reacts To Gen Rawat’s Remarks, Says Will Exert Rights In Doklam

The India-China Doklam issue was raised again by the Chinese FM spokesperson, on Monday, who said that the nation will not shy from using its rights in the controversial Doklam issue. The statement comes as a response to the remarks by Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat who said that India was in preparation to tackle Chinese pressure along the border and regarding the India-China Doklam issue.

China claims that the India-China Doklam Issue is a Breach of Treaty

Spokesperson Lu Kang during a press briefing said that China owns the Doklam area and thus the nation will continue to maintain its tight-hold over its territorial region. Kang further added that the Chinese government has communicated to India to follow the rules of the boundary treaty in order to maintain ‘peace and stability’ and create a positive path for bilateral ties between the two nations.

Lu’s statement comes days after Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat brief Indian press saying that the military standoff in Doklam is a consequence of India’s intervention upon Chinese attempts to build a road in the strategically important sector. According to a leading daily, Rawat also revealed that India is going to maintain a strong focus on the northern border.

India-China Doklam Issue- India Will Not Stand Down! 

According to a public WeChat account, the Indian Army chief’s statements express that India’s intervention in Doklam in June 2017 was an intentional trespassing attempt and that the country is also prepared for cross-border military clashes. The account in the article further added that Gen Rawat had also signalled to China that the nation was ready with a strong military placement in the border area.

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