India Guarantees Strong Support to India-Afghanistan Relations in Kabul

India Afghanistan Relations: At an India-Afghanistan meeting in Kabul, the country has assured support to the war-torn nation. The India-Afghanistan meet, between the Foreign Secretary of India and FM of Afghanistan, discussed several points of concern and relations between the two nations.

India reassures Afghanistan of its continuous support to the government and Afghani people, including the support to the peace overtures in Kabul. The Indian FS met with the Afghan FM to convey the message of support and India-Afghanistan ties.

Agenda for India-Afghanistan Meet

The meeting had a twin agenda- the fight against terrorism and the need for a peace process. The FS also stated India’s support in varying spheres and the immediate execution of all projects in Afghanistan assisted by India, which includes the supply of drinking water to the people in Kabul.

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The Afghan FM expressed his gratitude for the India-Afghanistan ties and the cooperation of India. He specifically mentioned India’s huge role in reconstruction and undying support to the peace process in Afghanistan. The Indian FS commented on the strategic ties between the two nations and reinstated assurance on all India-assisted projects in the country. He also spoke about India’s willingness to extend economic India-Afghanistan ties to further the developmental relations for matters of priority for the Afghan government and its residents.

India-Afghanistan Ties and The Kabul Process Meeting

The Kabul Process meeting brings together twenty nations and organisations, including the likes of EU, UN and NATO to discuss matters like security and political concerns in the nation. This was the second Kabul Process Meeting. The Indian FS also shared his views and discussed topics of mutual concern and interest. Bilateral India-Afghanistan agreements were also discussed by the FS, with the deputy FM of Afghanistan.

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