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Is The Syrian Civil War Backed by North Korea?

The Syrian Civil War has the world gripped by terror, pain, anguish and the death of humanity. Videos and pictures of civilians and children affected by the Syrian Civil War are making the rounds, adding to the misery. While the world is praying for this terror to stop, is North Korea aiding the Syrian Civil War by providing raw material to make chemical weapons?

As reported by BBC, N. Korea has been sending material to Syria to manufacture chemical weapons. This has come to lights after a report published by the UN. Around forty undisclosed shipments were sent by N. Korea to Syria between 2012-17. This included materials like tiles that are resistant to acid, pipes and valves. Although the report has not been officially released yet it also states that before the onset of the Syrian Civil War, experts in missile visited Syria at centres that made weapons.

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Syrian Civil War Is Flaring

It has also been reported that Syrian Civil War forces are using Chlorine, although it has been denied by the government. With air strikes over the East of Ghouta and a pause for relief aid, the Syrian Civil War is flaring up and causing immense destruction.

Relief aid could not reach the war-torn area held by rebels on Tuesday, during 1 of the 5 pauses. While the public is blaming the air strikes and artillery by the government, Russia insists that there were deliberate pauses to allow civilians to evacuate.

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Syrian Civil War and The Allegations on N. Korea

Korea is under vigilance by international bodies for the nuclear program. According to a report by US officials, it is evident that the country has been supplying illegal material to Syria. It has also been found that a government agency in Syria has made payments against the delivery of the supplies through different companies.

China, however, responded that there was no evidence of any Chinese company responsible for any shipments to the Syrian Civil War-torn region. Although Syria has signed the Chemical Weapons Convention and declared the stock of chemical weapons back in 2013, it has repeatedly been using these banned weapons in the Syrian Civil war. The Syria-N. Korea military ties go way back.

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