Two Channels Blocked; Is Democracy in India Under Threat from Modi Government?

Is the Modi government curbing the Democracy in India, including freedom of speech ahead of the 2019 Elections? The Editors Guild of India has alleged that the NDA government is interfering with the freedom of the Press in India. The umbrella body of media organisations criticized the attempts made by the Modi government to undermine the Democracy and Freedom of Expression, which includes blocking of two programmes critical of the government.

This observation from the Guild comes in response to instances of senior journalists of two media houses quitting abruptly. The Guild also highlighted the instances in which broadcasting signals of programmes critical of the government were blocked. The organisation has demanded that suitable measures be taken up to ensure the freedom of the press in India and also to bring nefarious elements to justice.

The Editors Guild has also asked the media houses to not buckle under political pressure and keep their uprightness intact. The organisation has further sought explanations from the government upon blocked signals and disruptions while seeking investigation about the same. The Guild noted that any attempts to undermine the freedom of media and speech and expression is detrimental to the very fundamentals of the Indian democracy.

The umbrella organisation has further urged the government to prove to the nation that the government agencies are not a part of this nefarious nexus. Editors Guild further stated that the liberty of airwaves cannot be tempered with as has been the case in some instances recently.

Editors Guild of India has also underlined the inability of some owners of media houses to withstand the political pressures exerted on them. It further claimed that details and screenshots of disruptions of critical programmes were shared by several media houses. With elections in 2019, this report could badly hamper the repute of the Modi government which will be taking on a united opposition.

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