US Pushing The World Towards “World War-3” Over Iran Policy

Experts believe that the US is pushing the World towards the “World War-3” over global policies, especially Iran. China, which is already in the midst of a trade tirade with Washington has refuted the US sanctions on Iran. Will the US-China War now take now escalate even further as Beijing refuses to cease business with Tehran? China’s foreign ministry on Wednesday stated that Beijing will continue its business with Iran as does not violate any UNSC resolution.

The Foreign Ministry of China stated on Wednesday that China vehemently opposes the unilateral sanctions from the US on Iran. Chinese officials stated that China has pursued a transparent and open economic cooperation with Iran. The Ministry further added that China’s commercial cooperation with Iran is reasonable, fair and lawful. China strongly objects to US sanctions and wants that its lawful rights ought to be protected.

China – The Biggest Oil Importer From Iran

China is the biggest and the most valued customer for Iran’s oil and imports more than 650,000 barrels of oil per day from Iran. However, the US has asked all nations to stop their oil imports from Iran by November 2018 as Trump vouches to bring Iran’s oil sales to zero.

China is rather looking to compensate for the decline in demand that Iran sees in its oil as other nations might halt imports amid US threats. China companies too are interested to continue trading in Iranian oil and natural gas.

Not just China but Russia too is determined to continue oil and gas trade with Iran. Vladimir Putin stated on Tuesday that he is deeply disappointed by the US sanctions on Iran. Russia Foreign Ministry held the US in violation of international law and the UN Resolution 2231 which pertains to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Russia will continue to invest in oil and gas projects in Iran despite threats from the US.

World War – 3: Trigger Point

Many experts fear that US policies under Donald Trump may be the trigger point for the Third World War. China and Russia are already close allies of each and vehemently oppose the US unilateralism and creating defence infrastructure near their respective borders. While the US continues to encircle Russia with NATO bases, China, on the other hand, is disturbed with US interference in the South China Sea and support to Taiwan.

One cannot overlook the Middle East crisis brewing between Russia backed Iran and US-backed Saudi Arabia and other GCC Nations. Experts fear that the Middle East crisis might trigger the third world war due to belligerent policies of US President Donald Trump, which are bound to be challenged by rising China and a resolute Russia.