Maldives Government Asks For Foreign Help To Extract Hidden Cash

The Maldives Officials has asked for foreign support to release millions of dollars illegally held by former Maldivian president. The Maldives government informed the external authorities to coordinate in the inquiry of hidden cash stashed by Abdulla Yameen.

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The Maldivian Democratic Party spokesperson Hamid Ghafoor tweeted, “He was charged with “grand corruption, theft and money laundering.”

The Maldivian officials informed that the authorities placed at Indian Ocean archipelago will hold talks with external authorities in coordination with the police inquiry against the former president suffered the loss in last September.

The Maldivian embassy spokesperson in Colombo, Aslam Shakir informed that inquiry conducted by the police found proof related to Yameen and his justice minister Azima Shakoor connection with the stealing of state funds and money laundering.

In December, the courts of Maldives stopped the flow of approximately 6.5 US million dollars in accounts supposedly linked to Yameen. The former Maldivian President was defeated in elections by Mohamed Ibrahim Solih.

The spokesperson of the Maldives embassy in Colombo informed that millions of dollars are hidden in foreign coffers. Now, the negotiation is going on with the foreign authorities to bring the hidden cash back. Although, the spokesperson didn’t name the countries who were part of this ongoing drive.

The spokesperson, Aslam Shakir said: “We are getting foreign financial forensic help. We are also getting the expertise of others in connection with several cases of disappearances of people during Yameen’s regime.”

In 2013, Yameen was also blamed for accepting approximately 1.5 US million dollars in connection with the illegal payments. The Maldives monetary authority filed a police complaint about illegal donations transferred into Yameen’s account. The Former President rejected the allegations.

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