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Fearing A Winter War, India Keen For A Quick Disengagement With China From Ladakh – Beijing Experts

India vs China: Experts say the Indian military had left no stone unturned in prepping for a potential winter war in the testing conditions of the rough mountainous terrain of Ladakh, where temperatures dip well below minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Lightning Fast: China’s 6G Network Could Be 100 Times Faster Than Current American Technology

While more than half of the world is yet to get fourth-generation networks, China is breezing past the competition and has already started testing...

Beijing Trashes ‘Fake Media Reports’ On India, China Disengagement Process In Ladakh Region

The Indian side has deployed more than 50,000 troops on its side of the border, with an almost equal number deployed by the Chinese on the other side in a high state of combat readiness. 

What Are US Marine Commandos Doing In Taiwan Much To The Fury Of China?

The word coming from the United States has been that despite President Donald Trump’s failure in winning the second tenure in the US Presidency...

From French Rafales To US’ F-16s, Indonesia Goes Hunting For New Fighter Jets To Counter China

The renewal of tensions in the South China Sea has made a dramatic impact on the defense industry. With the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea,...
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