As Covid-19 Cases Grow, Pakistan Finally Rushes To Search Tablighi Event Pilgrims

Tablighi Jamat, an Islamic organization that spreads the ideals of Islam saw a massive gathering of thousands of delegates across Asia, including India and Pakistan.

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Dehli, the global spiritual center of the Jamaat hosted this event and received pilgrims from more than 80 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the US, and even the neighboring Pakistan.

The massive gathering was considered a breeding ground for the virus as 960 foreign Tablighi Jamaat delegates tested positive for COVID-19.

As many as 77 form Kyrgyzstan, 75 from Malaysian, 65 form Thailand, 12 from Vietnam, 9 from Saudi Arabia and three from France were among the ones affected during the Jamaat congregation.

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The Modi-government cooperated with their respective embassies and agreed to treat them in India amid the national lockdown and their visas being suspended. India traced the Jamaat pilgrims at the earliest and has already put them in different quarantine centers.

Similar gatherings were also held in Malaysia and Pakistan. While all other countries have already taken extra measures and precautions, Pakistan has now started to trace the Tablighi Jamat pilgrims, as per the latest reports.

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The Tablighi Jamat event was hosted in the town of Raiwind in Lahore in mid-March and saw a gathering of 70, 000 people.  Among those around 2258 people have tested positive so far. The Pakistan authorities are still searching for thousands of other worshippers who might have attended the religious gathering last month.

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Fearing the further spread of the deadly virus in the impoverished country, Islamabad has now sealed the gathering’s location outside the eastern city. Tracking the names given by the Jamaat organizers and trusting the word of mouth, a total of  7,000 attendees in Punjab province have been recognized and placed in isolation.

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1500 foreign delegates are now being kept under isolation in Pakistan but many have left the country without being tested which has lead to further panic. The country is struggling with religious sensitivities as about 78% of total cases reportedly have come from religious groups.

A prominent follower of Tabligh-e-Jamaat in Pakistan, Mufti Najeeb Khan said: ” it  was cut short after the government instructions came for a lockdown.”  “If there were clear instructions, the event would not have happened,” he added.