Balochistan Freedom Movement Vital For Indian, Afghan, US Defence

How is the Balochistan freedom movement against Pakstan vital for India, the US and Afghanistan? In 1996, Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri laid the foundation of the Balochistan freedom struggle against Pakistan. The Baloch freedom struggle spread like fire in the region due to atrocities by Pakistan army. But how will India and the US benefit from the Baloch independence? EurAsian Times analyses an editorial from DailyO.

Balochistan Freedom Movement

According to the article, people from across the entire region (the biggest in Pakistan) contributed to the Balochistan freedom movement. A state minister from Balochistan, Hyrbyair Marri belongs to Kohistan Marri which has huge reserves of gas, oil and others mineral resources, all which he could have used for his own gain. However, he left his comfortable life and began the Balochistan freedom movement.

Patriotic and determined, Marri enjoys the support of the entire Baloch nation. Even to the Pakistanis, it has always been clear that getting their hands on Khair Bakhsh Marri and Hyrbyair Marri is almost impossible.

Hasil Khan Bezanjo (Pakistan’s top politicians), informed the Pakistani parliament that they cannot bring Hyrbyair Marri to the negotiations table. The Pakistanis Army know that the movement Hyrbyair Marri started has totally gone out of control and even prominent leaders like Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti joined in.

In 2004 when Pakistan’s army was engaged in battling Nawab Akbar Khan and Balach Marri, key advisors on Kashmir requested General Musharraf to divert Pakistan’s attention from Kashmir to Baluchistan and solve the Baloch issue first or risk losing it.

The main political stakeholders of the current Baloch struggle are Hyrbyair Marri, Brahumdagh Bugti and his Baloch Republican Party and Khalil Baloch. The weakening of any of these parties would be detrimental to the Balochistan freedom struggle.

Balochistan Freedom Movement Being Suppressed With Chinese Assistance?

Experts in Pakistan argue that if Islamabad succeeds in weakening the Baloch movement, not only will they be able to take control of Afghanistan through their proxies, but also be able to manage the Kashmir conflict more productively. That is probably why Islamabad is bringing millions of Chinese and non-locals to Gwadar to totally destroy the Baloch culture and gain superiority in the area.

If Pakistan with the assistance of China succeeds in their nefarious plan of crushing the Balochistan freedom movement, it would not only be unfortunate for the people Balochistan but will also prove catastrophic for the US, Afghanistan and India.

Through the Taliban and other terror groups, Pakistan will attempt to take control of Afghanistan, aggressively batter India through Kashmiri militants and weaken the US influence in the region with Chinese presence in Gwadar.

That’s why Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri asserted that a stronger Baloch movement and an independent Balochistan can guarantee peace in the region and help get rid of Pakistan’s infiltration in Afghanistan and curb Chinese ambitions to counter India and the US in the region.

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