China wins the Air Pollution Battle while India Continues to Choke

Battling Air Pollution: Both India and China are rising superpowers; with many a similarities and differences between the two. Currently, the one similarity that both Delhi and Beijing share is the rising Air Pollution menace. But what comes as a surprise is, that although both countries are choked by Air Pollution, however only China seems to be taking required measures in an attempt to better the situation.

The Chinese government has ensured strict measures to tackle air pollution, while the India government is still in a limbo. According to environment experts, the Government of India has not taken any steps towards progress in the situation. Additionally, the people in India are ignorant and unaware of the ill effects and the rising concern, The levels of Air Pollution, in India, has reached an alarming state.

Air Pollution in India Making International Headlines

The level of Air Pollution in the capital city of India has risen an international concern. Media channels, across the globe, have reported the menacing levels of air pollution levels in the capital with the onset of the Winter season. The fact that schools had to be shut down and the number of people facing respiratory issues on a rise, says a lot about the health of the capital and the nation. It has been declared as a state of emergency.

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However, a ban on trucks and stopping the construction projects was the only measure taken in this ‘emergency’ situation. Indian citizens who have lived in Beijing, are also unable to cope up with the air pollution in Delhi.

The Beijing-Delhi Air Pollution War

Although considering the population rise and the commercial development, most people consider Beijing to be the worst hit by the problem, a recent study proved otherwise. The current air pollution levels in Delhi are ten times higher than the level in Beijing. It is appalling and troubling that the Indian government is still not taking any measures or steps towards controlling this hazardous situation.

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The levels of pollution in China have reduced considerably and Indian experts agree that its time the Government of India learn from China and take control of the rising menace. Both the countries have had their own share of environmental issues, but what matters is taking note and taking the steps towards doing away with them. the current India-China ties may not be the most cordial, but this is a greater emergency.

India Needs to Learn from China and Tackle Air Pollution

India needs to look beyond the tense India-China border situation and learn from China the ways to tackle the pollution emergency. The Chinese government, in the recent years, has shown impressive progress in tackling air pollution levels with a notable decrease in carbon emission and an AQI detection across China. India did copy the ‘odd-even’ vehicle process as a measure against air pollution, but it was a short-lived system in India that was not followed through. The air pollution levels in both India and China have become highly discussed international topics; one for the notable progress and the other for the unattended rising menace.

Will India continue to choke? The Indian citizens need to wake up and step up to this state of emergency.

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