India-China Border Fight – Did Modi-Government Make The Same ‘Three Mistakes’ Like Nehru?

In deadly India-China border fight, there was a savagery clash between armies of China and India and New Delhi officially declared that 20 of its soldiers have been martyred in the border fight.

How Many Chinese Soldiers Were Killed In The India-China Clash At Galwan Valley / Ladakh?

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said on the India-China border fight – There has been a meeting between the senior commanders of the two countries and an agreement was reached to reduce the tension. We felt that everything would progress according to the conversation.

Late on the night of 15 June, the Chinese army suddenly changed its attitude. China unilaterally rejected the status quo, and this resulted in violent clashes on both sides. Soldiers on both sides suffered casualties, which could have been avoided but China did not follow the agreement honestly.

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The politics of India got heated by the news of the death of 20 Indian soldiers. Opposition parties demanded PM Modi come forward and reply. A video message later, PM Narendra Modi said that the martyrdom of Indian soldiers will not go in vain and Indian soldiers were killed while killing.

India-China Border Fight – Casualties Of Chinese Soldiers?

There was a talk in the Indian media since Tuesday that Chinese soldiers have also been killed. Some media houses even declared unconfirmed numbers from 35 to 43. But nothing has been clear on this till now.

On Wednesday, at the press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, news agency PTI asked that in the Indian media, there are reports of casualties of Chinese soldiers. Do you confirm this?

In response to this question, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Chao Lijian said – As I said, the soldiers of the two countries are trying to resolve specific issues on the ground. I do not have any information that I can issue here. I believe and you too must have seen that since this has happened, both sides are trying to resolve the dispute through dialogue so that peace can be restored on both sides.

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A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said – The two big developing and emerging markets of the world (India and China) have more common interests than the differences. It is important for both countries to pursue the relationship on the right path according to the interests and expectations of their citizens and reach an agreement. We hope that the Indian side will work with us and both will move forward together. ‘

Chinese Claims On Galwan Valley?

PTI asked the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman how are the conditions on the ground right now. Especially what is the situation in Galwan Valley, where the savagery India-China border fight happened? There was no dispute about the Galwan Valley till now, how did the problem suddenly arise? Now the People’s Liberation Army has said in its statement that the sovereignty of Galwan Valley has always been with China, but there was no dispute about this area. What would you say on this?

In response to these questions, Zhao Lijian said, The answer to your first question is that India and China are talking at the military and diplomatic level. The fact is straightforward.

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“The sovereignty of the Galwan valley area has always belonged to China. The Indian border troops flip-flopped and seriously violated our border protocols on border-related issues and the consensus of our commander level talks,” Lijian said. He further asked India to “strictly discipline its frontline troops, stop infringing and provocative activity at once and work with China and come back to the right track of resolving the differences through dialogue and talk.”

Did China Cheat India?

Strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellaney wrote on Twitter about the whole controversy that China has become a thug state under communist dictatorship regime. Chellaney wrote, China neither respects bilateral agreements nor international rules. The truth is that China uses bilateral agreements against other countries and never enforces itself. India is trapped in these clutches.

Chellaney wrote – Since 1993, India has had five border management agreements with China and all five were signed with great fanfare. But nothing helped to stop the encroachment of China. This is China’s recent aggression. China has secretly captured India’s share and is saying that it has always been a part of it. China is claiming the Galwan Valley for the first time.

China had never infiltrated the Galwan Valley and all surrounding strategic heights since the 1962 war. India had made a big mistake leaving these bases without troops. These areas are very important strategically.

Many experts have written to the EurAsian Times that it seems Modi government has made the same mistakes as the Nehru government i.e. underestimating the Chinese, overestimating the Indian strength and most importantly caught unprepared at the border.