You Are Not Entitled To Dishonor Our Persian Language – Iran To Trump

The official representative of the Foreign Ministry of Iran Abbas Mousavi urged the US President Donald Trump not to dishonour the ancient Persian language.

Hands and tongues smeared with threatening, sanctioning and terrorizing the Iranian nation, are not entitled to dishonour the ancient #Persian language. By the way, are you actually “standing by” millions of Iranians whose hero you just assassinated or “standing against” them? Mousavi Tweeted

Earlier, Trump supported a protest in Iran. “To the brave and suffering Iranian people: I support you from the very beginning of the presidency, and my government will continue to support you. We are closely monitoring your protests. Your courage is inspiring, ”he wrote in Farsi on his Twitter.

Donald Trump Warns Iran Against ‘Massacre’ Of Peaceful Protesters

“This tweet by @realDonaldTrump with more than 100k likes is already the most liked Persian tweet in the history of Twitter,” Saeed Ghasseminejad, senior adviser and financial economist at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, claimed. “A strong show of support by Iranians for Trump’s Iran policy, something the MSM does not and will not report.”

Mass anti-government protests over the downed Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 aircraft near Tehran began on Saturday, January 11. The reason for the protest was Tehran’s admission of shooting down the Ukranian jet. The action is held under the slogan “Resignation is not enough, prosecution is needed.”

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that Washington was observing Iranian demonstrations closely, warning against any new “massacre” as protests broke out after Tehran admitted to shooting down a passenger plane.

At a student protest to pay tribute to the crash victims on Saturday, Iranian authorities briefly detained Britain’s ambassador, in what the British government called a violation of international law. He was later released.