Saudi Jets Bomb Student Bus in Yemen; 39 Killed Instantly

The Saudi-Yemen War continues to claim innocent lives. Saudi Arabian fighter jets bombed a bus in Yemen killing at least 39 students. The bus was caught in the bombardment by Saudi jets in the northwestern province of Sa’ada. While 39 innocent lives were snatched in the brutal attack, 40 others sustained major injuries.

This is not the first time that the attacks by the Saudi led coalition have claimed innocent lives in Yemen. Yemen has been war-torn since 2015 and tens of thousands of Yemenis have been affected by this merciless war. Yemen, as stated by the UN, is already on the verge of a massive famine. The Hudaydah Port which receives the bulk of the humanitarian aid for Yemen has been under constant attack by fighter jets from Saudi.

The UN has issued several warnings against the escalation of human suffering in an impoverished Yemen but the Saudi led coalition is hardly bothered. More than eight million people in Yemen are vulnerable to starvation and severe food insecurity. The UN stated that if the situation does not get any better than more than 10 million people will be starving in Yemen by the end of 2018.

A cholera epidemic is also feared to wrap Yemen in its grasp. Such recurrent air strikes in Yemen only make things worse. It is high time that the international community must step in and stop Saudi led forces from turning Yemen into a massive graveyard.

The humanitarian agencies too are facing increased restrictions in terms of operating in war-torn Yemen. Is there ever an end to the suffering inflicted by Saudi Arabia on Yemen or will Yemen continue to bleed right under the nose of the international community?

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