Taiwan Deploys Advance Missiles Targeting Shanghai and Hong Kong

Will the China-Taiwan dispute translate into a War? Reports suggest that Taiwan has moved its advanced missile systems to have major Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Hong Kong, within their striking distance. The cruise missile is believed to be highly capable of inflicting devastating impact on Mainland China. What China regards as an act of aggression, Taiwan regards it as a Right to Self Defence.

Taiwan Deploys Missiles To Hit Chinese Cities

As reported by Daily Star, Taiwan has moved it’s highly advanced home-manufactured Hsiung Feng IIE land attack cruise missiles to the northwestern base in Taoyuan City.  From Taoyuan City, most of the major Chinese cities fall within the striking distance, Fuzhou being the closest.

The peak range of this missile is 1500 km and even Hong Kong and Shangai will fall within the striking distance of this missile in case of a full-fledged war erupts. In case of a war with China, Taiwan is assured of full US support.

In recent times China’s stance on the China-Taiwan conflict has been very aggressive. Both the nations have escalated their military might to keep themselves prepared for the war. The J-16 fifth-generation fighter jets of China were seen participating in military drills in a show of combat strength to Taiwan. Taiwan too has deployed its first fleet of the US made Apache attack helicopters to counter China’s threats.

The dispute escalated further after China pressurised international airlines to change the reference of Taiwan. China urged more than 40 international airlines to change the description of Tapei on their websites and marketing portals. Buckling to China’s pressure, most of the airlines went about making the changes. The changes, however, infuriated Taiwan which is now considering punitive actions against these airlines.

China increased militarization in the South China Sea has also been a concern for Taiwan which claims the ownership of islands in the region. China has been building artificial islands in the region and is militarising them with lethal weapons.

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