World War 3 Looming? NATO chief calls for an urgent meeting with South Korea

Is the world really heading towards World War 3? Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO called for an urgent meeting in Seoul with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha.

According to Stoltenberg, the global threat from North Korea is a big challenge for the Korean peninsula and also to the west. North Korea is keen on developing more nukes with increased potency with longer-range to reach both North America and Europe.

“This is another example that security is inter-connected and global threats require global responses.Therefore we should look into how we can work together on the global challenges.

NATO chief calls nations to unite against the looming World War 3 Threat from North Korea

Mrs. Kang extended her support towards the NATO and insisted that further help is needed as the North Korea continues to provokes with destructive mass weapons.

For the purpose of discussion of issues related to the hermit kingdom and heightened global issues, the NATO official held a meeting with South Korean officials. South Korea has pleaded with despot leader Kim Jong-un to not “develop or possess nukes”.

President Moon Jae-in emphasized the country’s commitment to peace through denuclearisation during a speech at the National Assembly.

He elaborated: “In accordance with the declaration of denuclearisation jointly announced by the South and the North, a nuclear-armed North Korea can neither be tolerated nor accepted.

Voicing his firm opinion on the issue, he elaborated that South Korea will not develop or possess nukes in any form. Peace is the only objective in the Korean Peninsula. One cannot afford to have any armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula under any circumstances.

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