Who is the Most Powerful “Youngest” Person in the World?

Who is the Most Power Person in the World? There are about nearly 7.5 billion men and women on the planet, but who is the Most Powerful of the lot? Recently published Forbes’ annual ranking of The World’s Most Powerful People, which identifies the most influential and powerful people in the world. 

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Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, snatched the top spot for his friend and ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin to emerge as  World’s Most Powerful Person.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (2), who was consistently ranked as the Worlds Most Powerful Person held the spot for an incredible four consecutive years. Putin has ruled the Russia Federation since May 2000, and in May 2918, he was re-elected to a fourth term as the President of Russia.

US President Donald Trump drops to the third place. Trump, despite being under investigation by various law enforcement agencies and rising unpopularity amongst various target groups is still ranked as 3rd Most Powerful Person, as he controls and commands the worlds biggest economy and military power.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is the fourth most powerful person, also happens to be the world’s most powerful woman. Merkel controls the biggest and most advanced economy in Europe and is also considered the de facto leader of Europe.

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There are many new names in the list of powerful persons, including Mohammed Bin Salman (8), the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Bin Salman, who is 32 years old emerged as the “youngest” most powerful person in the world surpassing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is 33 years old. Mohammed Bin Salman’s father remains the king, but “MBS” as he is popularly called, has consolidated power and taken full control of Saudi Arabia. Dynamic Indian PM, Narendra Modi, famous for him Hugplomacy, is ranked 9th Most Powerful Person, while Iranian Ali Hosseini-Khamenei, is ranked at the 17th Position.

Forbe’s List of Worlds Most Powerful People


#1 Xi Jinping China 64
#2 Vladimir Putin Russia 65
#3 Donald Trump United States 71
#4 Angela Merkel Germany 63
#5 Jeff Bezos Amazon.com 54
#6 Pope Francis Roman Catholic Church 81
#7 Bill Gates Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 62
#8 Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud Saudi Arabia 32
#9 Narendra Modi India 67
#10 Larry Page Alphabet 45
#11 Jerome H. Powell United States 65
#12 Emmanuel Macron France 40
#13 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 33
#14 Theresa May United Kingdom 61
#15 Li Keqiang China 62
#16 Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway 87
#17 Ali Hoseini-Khamenei Iran 78
#18 Mario Draghi European Central Bank 70
#19 Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase 62
#20 Carlos Slim Helu America Movil SAB de CV (ADR) 78

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