Which is the Worlds Most Active and Laziest Nation?

American scientists use the “big global data” from people’s mobile phones to study people’s daily activities and found that China is the worlds most active country. Scientists at the Stanford University analyzed data that averaged 68 million days per minute, showing that people in Hong Kong had the most activities, with an average daily walk of 6880 (steps/day). The laziest nation in the world is Indonesia, the average daily walk is 3513 (steps/day)

Large data collection

This research paper is published in the famous journal paper. One of the researchers, Professor of Bio engineering, Scott Delp said that the scale of this study is unprecedented. Most mobile phones have an accelerometer that can record the pace, allowing researchers to obtain anonymous data from more than 70 million people from the mobile application program Argus using the recorded pace.

Activity Gap and Obesity: Laziest Nation?

Specific findings may also help tackle obesity and other health problems. For example, the study found that the so-called “unequal amount of activity” was derived from the gap between the most dynamic and lazy people. The greater the amount of unequal data in a region, the greater the rate of obesity.

Sweden, where there is low activity inequality, also has low obesity levels.The average daily walk in the United States and Mexico is roughly equal, but the amount of unequal data in the United States is much larger and the rate of obesity is higher.

Gender Gap

Researchers have found that the gap between activity is largely due to the gap between the sexes. For example, in Japan, the gap between male and female activity is small, the incidence of obesity and the gap between the amount of activity are small. In countries where gender mobility is large, such as the United States and Saudi Arabia, women are usually less active than men.

Researchers also found that the convenience of walking to solve the daily problem of life had a lower rate of obesity.They exemplify the 69 American cities to walk conveniently and residents are more likely to remain active.

Cities such as New York and San Francisco are very convenient for pedestrians and people are more active. And in cities like Houston and Memphis, you have to drive for your daily work had a higher rate of obesity.