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Which is the World’s Most Dangerous Country for Women?

Papua New Guinea, located in the north of Australia, has been described as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. Some estimates reveal that 70% of women in Papua New Guinea will be raped in their lifetime or they will have to suffer from some form of sexual violence.

Papua New Guinea is among the world’s worst fiefs, where domestic violence and rape rates are the highest. But there is a big concern here that only a handful of rapes can be punished. A senior police official said that between January and May 2018, at least 6,000 cases of domestic violence and rape were registered.

The officer added, “These are the cases that have been recorded, you can think that there will be such cases which have not been recorded anywhere, that is because if you ask any common person in Papua New Guinea, then it is a common thing that any woman who is a girlfriend, wife or friend, it is common to have violence with her. “

Local gangsters in Papua New Guinea are called ‘rascals’. These people have been charged with the most allegations of rape here. According to these people, the gangrape of a woman is involved in the everyday activities of Papua New Guinea gangs. These people openly talk about this. They have no fear of cameras and police.

Women are the easiest prey here, it is easy to rob them, it is easy to beat them. If you beat a woman on the road, then no one will oppose it, it is quite common. “

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