World Economic Forum 2018 Initiates Enhanced Cybersecurity with New Global Centre

The World Economic Forum, WEF, has announced the launching of a Global Centre aimed towards enhanced Cybersecurity. With increasing number of data breach and hacking crimes, this initiative by the World Economic Forum aims to safeguard and upgrade the Cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Global Centre will be based out of Geneva and the headquarters will start operations from March, 2018. The MD of World Economic Forum, during a panel discussion, talked about the increasing threats to cybersecurity and the urgent need to address and combat the issue. He said that immediate action has to be taken to get rid of the cyber offenders.

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Business Cyber Breaches On a Rise: World Economic Forum

According to statistics, the maximum number of cyber breaches have been by businesses. Over the last 5 years, the business cyber breaches have increased twice as much and on an average, a hundred and thirty cyber breaches were recorded in 2017, per business. The MD went on to state that a collaboration with international networks and the governments would be necessary to assure success. The Global Centre will start by reaching out to the G-20 nations and influential industry networks to set up a foundation for the platform.

Cybersecurity threats have not just been increasing in number but also in scale. The impact is being felt across the world with users being directly affected. The Global Centre for Cybersecurity needs to work on creating a secure operational environment for the latest technologies including IoT, self-driven automobiles, AI, Drones, Robotics and more.

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WEF Recognises The Banking Sector Under Worst Threat

While all industries and sectors have been affected by cyber threats and breaches, it is the banking sector that faces the worst threat of all. Cyber-Criminals are more likely to target banking institutions. A need for stronger and newer networks is thus an urgent need for banks to secure against cyber threats and breaches.

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