Canada-Saudi Diplomatic Spat Turns Ugly; Netizens Threaten 9/11 Strikes on Toronto

Are Saudi Arabia and Canada headed for a split in diplomatic relations and cutting the economic ties? Women rights in Saudi Arabia found a new hope after the ban on women drivers was lifted. But it seems that women emancipation is still a distant dream in the conservative and patriarchal Saudi Arabia. After Canada came out in support of the detained women rights activists, Saudi Arabia suspended direct flights to Toronto and netizens threatened with a terror strike on Toronto. 

The national carrier of Saudi Arabia has suspended all direct flights to Toronto after Canada called for the release of the detained women rights activists. Not just this but Saudi Arabia has also suspended all trade relations with Canada and has also expelled the Canadian Ambassador seeing Canada’s interference.

Canada, however, maintains that it would stand for human rights and will continue to advocate against any human rights violations. The foreign minister of Canada stated that Canada will always stand for women’s rights and for the freedom of expression. Canada also expressed deep concerns over the expulsion of the Canadian diplomat from Saudi Arabia.

Samar Badawi, the Saudi-American woman is among the detained women rights activists. She is the sister of Raif Badawi who is a jailed blogger. The leading women rights activists in Saudi Arabia, Manal-al-Sharif thanked Canada for extending support to the rights of women in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is conventionally an orthodox Muslim nation where women have been ousted and suppressed at large.

9/11 Like Attacks On Canada By Saudi Arabia

Things got even worse between the two nations when a verified Twitter account from Saudi shared a photo in which planes were headed to hit the CN Tower of Toronto. This was similar to the 9/11 attack on the US by Al Qaeda. The account was deleted later but the picture continued to take rounds over the social media. Was this a state-sponsored intimidation for the Canadians?

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