Will US Provoke China By Selling F-35 Fighter Jets To Taiwan?

Will the US sell advanced F-35 fighter jets be to Taiwan? The China-Taiwan conflict is taking new strides given how China is exerting an intensified military and diplomatic pressure on Taiwan. Taiwan’s defence minister revealed that Taiwan is mulling the purchase of F-35 Joint Striker Fighter from the US. The defence minister also revealed that the negotiation between Taiwan and the US are already active.

Some members of the US Congress are backing Taiwan to procure the F-35 b fighter jets from the US. The members of the US Congress as reported by The National Interest, are also arguing that if not the F-35 fighter jets then Washington must sell the F-16V to Taiwan.

The defence minister of Taiwan in an interview with the local Liberty Times was asked if Taiwan has placed an official request with the US for the purchase of F-35 fighter jets and the M1 tanks. To this, he stated that the negotiations on the same are ongoing and that the US officials are evaluating the request placed by Taiwan. He said that the US may have its own concerns about costs and other factors.

The F-35 B variant is what Taiwan is interested in. This is the Marine Corps version of the plane which has a short take-off and is even capable of vertical landing. Reportedly Taiwan’s interest in the F-35 fighter jets hails back to 2002 when Taiwan first wrote to Pentagon about it.

F-35 To Taiwan – The Greatest Threat To China?

China has been reinstating that Taiwan is a part of its territory and it will reunite it even if that requires force. To China’s plans of reuniting the self-governed island nation, the F-35 fighter jets in Taiwan’s armoury will pose the greatest threat. China will be miffed if the US goes about selling the F-35 fighter jets to Tapei.

If the Taiwan armed forces get equipped with the lethal F-35 fighter jets then it will be the greatest line of defence for the island nation and the greatest threat to China’s intentions.

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