Will Burhan Wani’s Second Death Anniversary Trigger Fresh Clashes in Kashmir?

On the eve of Burhan Wani’ Second Death Anniversary (former Hizbul Mujahideen commander), there are speculations of massive violence in Kashmir. Violence and destruction found a new face in Kashmir after Burhan Wani’s death, which triggered massive outrage in the Kashmir valley. Burhan Wani was shot dead by the Indian Army on July 8, 2016, in Anantnag district of South Kashmir. 

To stop terrorism in Kashmir and the extremism from gaining impetus on the eve of Burhan Wani’s death anniversary the security forces are on alert. Authorities and the security forces have imposed several reasonable restrictions on parts of Kashmir to keep violence under check. The separatists have even called for a complete shut down however, their appeal has fetched a mixed response. But the security forces want to take no chances for Kashmir is already destabilising day by day.

Security forces have said that these measures are precautionary in nature. Restrictions have been imposed on various parts of Srinagar as a part of the precautionary frame to maintain law and order. Security forces have been deployed in large numbers in the sensitive areas of Kashmir where violence is feared.

Burhan Wani’s death in 2016 caused a major uproar in Kashmir. There was almost a civil war like situation in Kashmir where schools were burnt, stones were pelted on armed forces and curfews became a permanent feature. It was called the ‘summer of discontent’ in Kashmir. It is likely that his death anniversary may cause fresh trouble in Kashmir and hence the security forces are preparing to battle out any such developments.

J&K Police Constable Abducted and Killed in Sophian

Kashmiri Militants continue to target Indian Security Forces, especially from J&K region. A J&K Police constable who was abducted on Thursday in the Sophian district was found dead. His body was shunned with bullets by the those who stand for extremism and terrorism in Kashmir. It was only recently that Aurangzeb Khan of the Indian Army was abducted and killed by Kashmiri Militants in the Pulwama district of Kashmir.

Javid Ahmad Dar, the killed police constable was abducted while he was going to a pharmacy. He was abducted by three men in the Kachdoora village in Sophian following which a major search operation was launched. Does there seem to be a pattern in this game of ‘abduct and kill?’ Are the militants in Kashmir specifically targeting the Muslim security personnel only?