Delhi Takes India-Pakistan War to Afghanistan: Pakistan Media

The India-Pakistan War will now find a new battleground on the waters of the Kabul river. Capitalising on the good shape of India-Afghanistan relations the two nations look to build 12 hydroelectric projects on river Kabul. These projects will skew the flow of river Kabul into Pakistan consequently creating a water crisis like situation in Pakistan. Islamabad has alleged that New Delhi has taken India-Pakistan War over Water to Afghanistan.

The Indian officials have already carried out a detailed feasibility analysis of the projects which shall generate 1177 MW of electricity. The engineering study of the projects has also been completed. This shall further intensify India vs Pakistan rivalry for Pakistan could well be facing a water crisis.

India-Pakistan War over Water

India is already trying to manoeuvre the inflow of water into Pakistan by building electro power projects on Jhelum, Chenab and Indus. India also helped Afghanistan build the Friendship Dam which is another name for the Salma Dam. Now India looks to alter the inflow of water coming into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan government after completing the tender procedures will initiate multi-purpose projects on river Kabul. Afghanistan looks to seek help from the international community in terms of assistance and India is keen to extend cooperation. India is among the largest financial donors to Afghanistan.

Where did Pakistan lose this?

Pakistan shares nine rivers in all with Afghanistan with the annual flow of 18.3 million acres feet. Out of this river, Kabul alone accounts for 16.5 MAF. Pakistan has failed to build the Kalabagh Dam at the site where Indus river meets river Kabul. Hence, Pakistan has not been able to develop optimum water uses on river Kabul. Pakistan has also failed to build the Munda dam on river Kabul. These failures have diluted Pakistan’s chances of having Afghanistan by its side.