Why US Media Is Again Underestimating Donald Trump & Ignoring His Master-Strokes?

There is growing evidence of the mainstream media overstating the chance of Joe Biden winning the November 2020 presidential elections. In fact, the democratic structure of the US greatly prefers the incumbents to win a second term.

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No US president in the last 28 years has failed to win re-election. In fact, in the last 231 years, only 10 out of 45 presidents have failed to win re-election for a second term. But that is not the main reason why Trump has a good chance of winning a second term in the November 2020 elections.

Leading poll analysts are claiming that media and political elite in the US are making the same mistake of underestimating Trump as they did in 2016. They say the poll analysts are failing to detect the groundswell for the President, who has been fiery in his speeches and debates, drawing huge crowds to his rallies.

If one compares the picture of Obama before his ascent to the presidency to the time when he left it, there is a conspicuous sign of ageing on his face. The former President’s grey hair and wrinkles were talk of the town when he left office, spawning the age-old debate on the weight of a job with immeasurable pressure and a relentless schedule, which no President in the history of the US has managed to escape. 

But despite all the political strife surrounding him, Trump hasn’t lost a step in his four years in office. There is not a shred of weariness on his face, although we can’t be sure whether it’s a sign of his endurance or something else.


What we know is his confidence has not dented by the constant negative coverage in the press, or the relentless attacks from prominent public figures, not just in the US, but the entire world.

Trump is out in the field, exuding renewed robustness not seen before in his public appearances, and he’s determined to make a comeback.

While his rival, on the other hand, Joe Biden, is making very few public appearances, which are sparsely attended. He takes many days off, with political analysts speculating his absence in places that matter could portray signs of weakness.

Numerous public figures are lamenting the scale at which the mainstream media is downplaying Biden’s Ukraine and China wrongdoings, stating that the press seems to have ‘no interest’ to take the allegations against him seriously.

Donald Trump has on many occasions lashed out at his Democratic White House challenger of wrongdoing in regards to Ukraine and China while he was vice-president.

On the other hand, they say the attack by the media on every smallest issue on Trump has been relentless and brutal. They say the big tech’s and the main mainstream media’s best efforts to shield Biden to hide these wrongdoings from the public have failed, and the allegations are now making their way to the voters.

Many analysts also fear that Biden could reverse Trump policies of going tough on China and Iran while reigning in Russia and North Korea through diplomacy, and winding up bloody wars in the Middle East.

Trump’s policy of non-interference in the ‘foreign wars’ and withdrawing troops from Afghanistan was a political masterstroke, something many US experts say was badly needed.

An important and remarkable feature of Trump’s presidency has been his concern for the economy, coming from the corporate background himself.

He placed the country’s economic interests above everything else, from refusing to implement a pandemic lockdown to shunning international commitments to carbon reduction, he has, albeit ruthlessly, put the corporate interests ahead of everything else.       

That has gained him supporters as well as critics. His unyielding stance on the issues of critical national importance and decisive leadership have been the hallmarks of his four-year presidency. His critics have accused him of rejecting scientific thought and promoting racism, both through his decisions and lack of action.    

Much criticism was directed to his support of corporate lobbyists and his efforts to shield gun-making businesses, even when public shootings were becoming an everyday occurrence in the United States. He openly advocated industries and corporates thriving on exploiting fossil fuels.

However, what is the percentage of climate change activists in the US, against the vast majority of businesses who Trump helped thrive, and the youth who prefer gun freedom, and the racist population who hate the immigrants? Well, even if it’s not the majority, its size is pretty big, and therefore, cannot be ignored.

We have witnessed an important trend in the elections in democratic countries in the last decade, which is – decent ideas don’t win elections. There is much hue and cry about Donald Trump’s rejection of scientific approach to a number of issues, and his blatant disregard of basic human decency while making public statements. But on the ground, it’s the tangible benefits the citizens care about and actually vote for. 

For example, Gallup recently predicted that 56 percent of Americans believed they are better off now than they were four years ago, signalling a strong support for Trump.

“The prediction of a Trump victory is not consistent with the average of recent national presidential vote-preference polls, which show Biden with a significant lead, but it is consistent with Americans’ expectation of a victory for the incumbent president in every race in which one has been running,” the poll agency said in its statement.


One survey on Trump’s approval rating leading up to the first presidential debate found that a majority of Americans predict Trump will win reelection. It is, therefore, important to not get carried away by the incessant negative publicity the Trump’s presidency is garnering among the public. Like it happened in 2016, they may well be proved wrong.