Why Is Donald Trump So Keen To Mediate Between India and Pakistan Over The Kashmir Dispute?

Jammu and Kashmir has always been an issue of integrity and sovereignty of India and New Delhi has always been irritated whenever a third party has offered to mediate in the Kashmir issue. It’s rather strange that the US which was seen picking up trade wars unnecessarily with the entire world is now offering to mediate on the Kashmir dispute. What are Trump’s intentions behind this flurry of interventions into the bilateral Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan? A EurAsian Times analysis

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The Indian foreign ministry has blatantly made it clear once again to the US authorities on Friday that India is not up for any third-party intervention into a bilateral issue. This came after Donald Trump made another decorated offer to act as an umpire in a bilateral match.

This time, however, Donald Trump was shy of pointing out if the Indian Prime Minister has ever asked him to intervene or not unlike last time. In the last offer of mediation, Donald Trump stated that his offer to intervene was based on Narendra Modi’s discussion with him and that sparked a political debate back in India.

The ASEAN Summit couldn’t avoid the Kashmir issue

What came on the sidelines of the summit of Association of South-East Asian Nations was a discussion on the Kashmir conflict. The Indian foreign minister met US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo in Bangkok and once again made it clear that India isn’t looking forward to a US intervention at any point in time when it’s about Kashmir.

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Pakistan Requests Trump

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi urged the US to use its “influence” to “persuade” India to start talks on the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue. Qureshi’s remarks came after US President Donald Trump said Kashmir was a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan but he would be happy to mediate if they want him to do so.

The Foreign Minister said India was avoiding the talks and did not appear willing to negotiate on the matter. “India insists it is a bilateral matter, but it is not even willing to come to the table for talks,” told Geo News.

China, Turkey Support Pakistan’s Stance On Resolution Of Kashmir Dispute

“India won’t agree easily to the Kashmir talks. (We urge) the US to exercise its influence and persuade India (to come to the table),” he said. Qureshi said he will also write a letter to the United Nations chief Antonio Guterres.

Why is the US so keen on Kashmir?

Is the US only stirring the Kashmir issue to stir the regional balance of power in South Asia or is there more? The same US which came up with a report recently lambasting India for atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir is now extending a helping hand to solve the issue.

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Is this a policy paralysis of the Trump Administration or is it about the recent meeting of Imran Khan and Donald Trump? Is the US putting pressure on New Delhi for buying the S-400 missiles and reprimanding New Delhi for rejuvenating defence ties with Russia? Or Washington is flaring the India-Pakistan hostilities to sell the F-21 fighter which is a multi-billion deal and can boost both the US’ economy and jobs? The intentions of the US behind this will only get clearer with time but the fact remains that Kashmir continues to boil.