Why Are Jamia Students Asking Shah Rukh Khan To Speak-Up?

Bollywood superstar – Shah Rukh Khan is often called the king of romance in India. Shahrukh Khan has often been seen in diverse roles by sometimes playing Raj and sometimes Rahul and has been a firm darling of the audience.

But these days, superstar – Shah Rukh Khan is facing intense heat from both his fans and critics over his inaction over the CAB and Jamia protests. Shah Rukh Khan is an alumnus of Jamia Milia University and his silence over the recent protests is infuriating the netizens.

The  Delhi police were recently accused of harsh action against the Jamia students and were criticized for entering the campus without the official permission which fuelled country-wide protests. But Shah Ruck Khan has been silent, just like other Bollywood stars.

One netizen tweeted – Dear SRK, you are an alumnus of Jamia Millia but your silence at this moment is disturbing. You have the power to create magic by showering love. It’s High Time. Just give your alma mater some glimpse of it. Have some words.

Bollywood celebrities are also expressing their anger after the strong protest by Jamia University and the police for their mistreatment of students. Music composer, lyricist and director Vishal Bhardwaj also expressed their disappointment but the Khans are yet to speak.

Actor Roshan Abbas has also questioned the silence of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan over the violence against students of Jamia Milia Islamia in Delhi.

Abbas on Tuesday took to Twitter and asked him who has made him quiet. “Say something @iamsrk you are from Jamia too. Who has made you so quiet? #IStandWithJamiaMilliaStudents,” Abbas tweeted.