White Americans To Become a Minority in The US By 2045: Research

By 2045, white Americans will become a minority in the United States. These conclusions were reached by the US portal Axios, which analyzed and published data on the forecast on US demography.

The author emphasizes that demographic changes are already taking place. So, at the moment, non-white Americans make up the majority in four states, as well as in the “most prosperous and influential cities” of the United States. Moreover, since 2010, non-Hispanic whites have become a minority in 32 more districts of the United States, and only in 372 districts.

This trend is mainly related to the increase in the number of immigrants of Latin American and Asian descent, as well as a slightly higher birth rate among non-white Americans. The Brookings Institution of Washington estimates that the portal continues; next year, the majority of Americans under the age of 18 will be made up of non-whites. At the same time, a similar result in the category up to 30 years is expected in less than 10 years.

Axios stresses that in the past few years “interracial tensions and anti-immigrant sentiments have resumed”. For example, white Americans “often feel threatened by growing diversity in society,” according to Yale University research.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center in Washington showed that 59% of Republican supporters and 46% of white Americans are confident that if non-white Americans constitute a majority of the population, this will weaken American culture.

At the same time, the portal emphasizes that American politicians are benefiting from this situation and focusing their attention on the stratification of society. An example is US President Donald Trump, who is in favour of tightening the country’s immigration policy.

In addition, studies show that younger generations and members of minorities are “more likely to be inclined towards the Democratic Party.” However, as the portal notes, “demographic trends are not necessarily conducive to the Democratic Party in the long term.” Goldstone explained that many white Americans and members of the Latin American population of the United States “have more conservative values.” According to him, if the Republican Party changes its position and “learns to accept more voters of Latin American origin, it can be a source of new energy” for it.