WATCH: Drunk Russian Soldiers Ram Their Tank Into Airport Wall, Damage Surveillance Systems

In a freak incident, allegedly drunk Russian soldiers rammed an infantry fighting vehicle in a concrete wall. 

In the viral video, a BMP-3 infantry vehicle can be seen approaching a wall topped with barbed wires at the Volgograd International Airport in the southwestern region of Russia and rams through it crossing the divide.

According to a Russian independent news outlet, Baza, the incident took place on October 20 when the vehicle was on its way to a training ground for an exercise at the time.

The report further said that the airport continued to work normally after the incident although, the part of the security system was damaged. 

“Judging by the video, the soldiers clearly saw the obstacle, but did not want to go around it,” said Baza. “Breaking through the fence, the Volgograd troops did not disrupt the operation of the airport but damaged the surveillance system.”

In a cheeky tweet, The Moscow Times posted the video of the incident with the caption: “We all miss travelling, but please don’t try this at home,” referring to the impact of Coronavirus pandemic.

Later, photos of the broken wall and the alleged soldier arrested, with his hands behind his back, emerged on social media. The man can be seen with several bruises and cuts on his face. However, it is unclear whether he sustained these injuries during the incident or after his arrest.

While it is unclear what prompted the incident, there have been several reports of mistreatments of conscripts in the Russian military. Reports of sexual abuseviolence, alcoholism and drug abuse are common. 

Russia has a tight control on media, however, there are several stories of hazing and abuse that have recently come to light. Reportedly, every year at least 1,000 conscripts die in noncombat incidents — including hazing and suicide. Hundreds more are hospitalized. 

It is yet to see what consequences the soldiers involved in this incident would bear.