WATCH: Chinese J-10, J-16 Fighter Jets ‘Battle For Air Dominance’ Against Russian Sukhoi Su-35 Aircraft

Chinese fighter jets are believed to have outmaneuvered Russian warplanes recently. Eleven aircraft of the PLA Air Force, including J-10B and J-16 fighter jets, H-6K bombers, Y-9 and Y-20 transport aircraft took part in the “mission”.

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These warplanes took part in the Aviadarts Flight Skills Competition, which was held as part of the International Army Games. Russia hosted the military event from August 22 till September 4.

Around 60 crew members from teams from the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Belarus, as well as the Russian Federation, came together to participate in the event.

Chinese military pilots scored wins in the fighter and military transport aviation competitions, flying J-10 and Y-9 aircraft, according to TASS. This was the first military competition involving the J-10B, J-16, and Y-20 aircraft, according to China Military Online.

The Chinese flight personnel also won the second position in the long-range and bomber aviation categories and the third spot in the military transport aviation contest”, according to organizers of the war game.

Belarusian Air Force showed commendable performance at the flight crew competition. The crews won three sets of silver medals in the assault and army aviation competitions flying combat and transport-combat helicopters, TASS reported.

Su-25 ground attack planes along with Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters from Belarus participated in the competition.

The Russian pilots emerged as overall winners of the Aviadarts Air Force Competition- 2021 as they won the contest’s trophy, the Press office of the International Army Games reported on September 2.

Chinese J-10
A Chinese J-10 fighter jet. (via Twitter)

“The Russian crews triumphed in the bomber, assault, long-range and army aviation on combat and transport-combat helicopters, claiming the top spot and winning the competition’s cup”, the Press Office said.

The crews of an upgraded Su-34 bomber from Lipetsk, Su-25SM3 ground attack aircraft from the Krasnodar Region, a Tu-22M3 long-range bomber from the Irkutsk Region, Mi-28N attack, and Mi-8AMTSh transport-combat helicopters from the Rostov Region were the best in the Russian team, the statement said.

A Russian Su-34 jet.

The closing ceremony of the Aviadarts competition was held at the Diaghilevo airfield near Ryazan, Russia. The event was attended by representatives of the main command of the Aerospace Forces, regional and city administrations, heads of delegations of the participating countries, pilots from Belarus, China, and Russia, veterans of the Air Force, youth detachments and other guests, ForeignAffairs reported.

The report submitted by the Press Office gave details about the points scored by all the teams.

“In particular, a pair of crews of Mi-8 transport-combat helicopters of the Belarusian Air Force scored a record 314 points in the army aviation category while the crew of a J-16 aircraft of the Chinese Air Force gained 323.5 points in the bomber aviation contest.

Prior to that, the crews of Mi-8 choppers from the Stavropol Region scored the largest number of 184 points in the competition’s history for piloting techniques”, it said.