Video Of A Shiny, Shape-Shifting UFO Goes Viral, Sparks Debate Between Skeptics & Optimists – WATCH

The idea of UFOs seems to be shifting from the realm of conspiracy theories to serious consideration, especially after the US military launched a dedicated program on unidentified aerial phenomena keeping the American national interests in mind.

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In the latest incident of UFO sighting, a German tourist has shared a video of an aerial object he claims to have spotted in the sky. He reportedly recorded the video of a shape-shifting object from the window of his plane.

The recording shows an unusual object changing its shape constantly while emitting a shiny light. The video, which was recorded with a Nikon P900 camera, was then sent to a popular YouTube channel, Disclose Screen the Grimreefar, which works to upload “the newest UFO sightings and most bizarre videos from across the globe”.

The “incredible sighting” was uploaded on this Youtube handle, which boasts more than 5000 subscribers, last month. Appealing to the general curiosity towards unexplained aerial phenomena, the video has gone viral since garnering more than 56,000 views.

The Insider Paper tweeted, “ALERT Reportedly a German tourist, traveling on a plane, recorded a shape-shifting object in the sky and now the internet is calling it a UFO”. One social media user replied, “That’s friggin weird…” while another said, “Looks a lot like the space x rockets”.

Expressing discontent about the grainy quality of the video, the Youtuber introduces the object as “it almost looks as if this thing is made out of plasma” with mysterious music in the background. The plane from which the video was shot was apparently flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet to 30,000 feet.

The video shows this object to be moving somewhat alongside the plane. The Youtuber claims that the object seems to be a “biological entity” or a “plasma-based life form living in our upper atmosphere” rather than being some vague unidentified object randomly floating about.

Comparing the footage recorded by the German tourist with other similar “alien/unexplained” sightings recorded this year, he informs the viewers that “These things are being sighted on a daily basis”.

A UAP appears in this declassified video captured by a US Navy aircraft. (Image: DoD)

Probably referring to the recent interest shown in UAPs by the US intelligence including the much-talked-about report on UFOs to Congress last month, the Youtuber remarks, “Does the military have this kind of tech or is this the reptilians?”

Last week, The Eurasian Times reported that the US Department of Defense (DoD) established an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF) on August 14, 2020. It also roped in space agency NASA in this project.

Reactions On Social Media 

The silver object, which is visibly not a drone or a bird, does seem a bit unnerving at a glance due to its constantly changing form. The clip was shared on a UFO Reddit group and there was a flurry of responses from bemused social media users.
One wrote: “Looks hyper-dimensional; we’re seeing a moving slice of it interact with our 3D space.”

“That alien morphed into a shopping cart in sky” a second added. Others said it was the most astonishing UFO video they had ever seen.

Video grabs of the UFO spotted by a German tourist.

However, apart from the discussion and awe generated online, the Youtube post has also received flak for promoting baseless claims and exaggerating a casual sighting.

“Biggest issue. The source of this video comes from a UFO channel on Youtube. The owner said he filmed it. BAH lol along with the 100s of other videos he has posted. Clickbait,” wrote a Twitter user.

“On a plane and only one person filmed it?’ read another tweet.

Brad Bergan, a senior editor at Interesting Engineering, wrote a quite assertive piece on this. Emphasizing the words “Be Skeptical”, he voiced his concern about the “facts” related to the event. Attributing the video as being “bizarre”, the site has produced an article of about 730 words discrediting the possibility of the depicted object as being related to the extraterrestrial.

— Written by Anshruta Banerjee