US Complaints to WTO Against EU, China, Canada, Mexico and Turkey

The US has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the decisions of the EU, China, Canada, Mexico and Turkey to take retaliatory measures against the duties imposed by these nations on imports of steel and aluminium. This is stated in a message posted on the website of the US representative in the trade negotiations of Robert Lightheather.

“The US filed separate complaints to the WTO against China, EU, Canada, Mexico and Turkey, confronting the duties levied by each WTO member in response to President Trump’s actions to protect US interests.

“The actions taken by President Trump are completely legal and fully supported in terms of US laws and international trade rules,”. The US intends to take “all necessary measures” to defend US interests, and urge its trading partners to work with the Trump administration “in a constructive way” said Lighthouse

The US levied tariffs on imported steel from the EU, Canada and Mexico in the amount of 25% and 10% respectively. The EU, in particular, launched proceedings in the WTO and, since June 22, introduced duties of 25% on a number of US metallurgical, engineering and agricultural products, the total export volume of which is € 2.8 billion per year.

In June, Trump said that in connection with “the theft of American intellectual property and technology and unfair trade practices by China, the US will impose 25% duty on imported goods from China.