US Withdrawal From Syria Will Be A Long, Complicated Process: Russia

Russia has no illusions about the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, it will be a long and complicated process. This was stated on Saturday by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

US Will Continue To Fight ISIS Militants Before Withdrawing From Syria: Pentagon

According to Ryabkov, this issue is one of the most pressing matters at present. “We don’t have any illusions about the pace of implementation of the withdrawal. We think it will a long, complicated and ambiguous process,” Ryabkov stressed. “But we’ll watch.” According to him, the faster the US troops leave Syria, the “safer and quieter it will be in this region.”

December 19, 2018, US President Donald Trump announced the decision to begin the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. He explained that the victory over the Islamic State in Syria was achieved and that the fight against terrorists was the only reason for the presence of US Armed Forces in the region.

Earlier, The New York Times, citing sources in the White House, reported that US President Trump agreed to withdraw US troops from Syria within four months.