US Threatens China with Economic Sanctions for Supporting North Korea

Julian Assange – Founder WikiLeaks, believes that US President Donald Trump will be removed from office if the United States severed trade relations with China after the nuclear test by North Korea.

“Pyongyang has 90% of the trade with China, and if Trump suspends the US $ 650 billion trade with China, he might be immediately replaced,” Assange wrote on his Twitter page.US-North Korea Tweets

Assange made this statement in response to Trump’s words that the US can completely stop trading with countries that have trade relations with North Korea. “The US, along with other options consider the possibility of ending all trade relations with any country that conducts business with North Korea,” Trump wrote on Sunday on his Twitter page.

Pyongyang on Sunday announced a successful test of the hydrogen charge, which can be used as a warhead for an intercontinental ballistic missile. This caused a stiff reaction from the international community. The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Monday on the North Korean nuclear test.

North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb

The Asian region met with an alarming message from the news agency that North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb that could be installed on an ICBM – intercontinental ballistic missile. And in just a few hours the regional seismological centres recorded an earthquake in the territory of North Korea. Tectonic shock in this non-seismically active region is the first evidence of a possible underground nuclear test.

The fears of the Japanese and South Korean sides turned out to be correct – North Korea actually held the sixth nuclear test. But the situation turned out to be much more serious – Pyongyang officially announced that it successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test, the one that can be used as a warhead for ICBMs.