Declare George Soros a Terrorists: 100,000+ US Petitioners

More than 100 thousand people signed a petition on the site of the White House with a demand to declare billionaire George Soros a terrorist and withdraw all of his assets. As evidenced by the data of the specialized web platform of the White House, the mark of 100 thousand was overcome on Friday. This is exactly what is needed for the administration to react to the document.

“Considering that George Soros intentionally and permanently tried to destabilize or commit other acts of violence against the United States and its citizens, the US federal government and the Ministry of Justice must immediately declare George Soros and all his members organizations by homegrown terrorists and, within the law on the confiscation of civil property, withdraw both personal assets and those related to its structures, “the petition notes.

On Thursday, the number of signatures was 60 thousand, and literally in one day, the document scored the missing 40 thousand. About when the reaction of the White House or US President Donald Trump will be given is still unknown. George Soros is the founder and head of the hedge fund Soros Fund Management and is amongst the richest people in the world. Forbes estimates his fortune at whopping $ 25 billion.

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