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US, Russia Heading For 1st Massive Clash, Post The Cold War?

Are US and Russia heading towards another clash and possible war-like scenario? The US has re-established its Atlantic fleet following a surge in Russia’s submarine operations. America’s redeployment of the cold war era naval command is the latest move from Washington to check Moscow’s military expansion especially in terms of maritime warfare capabilities. A surge in Russia’s submarine deployment in the Atlantic has forced the US to take countermeasures.

The US second fleet – Virginia was deactivated in 2011 will soon be given ships, aircraft and marine landing forces for carrying out potentials operations in North Atlantic. The melting Arctic ice has also staged a competition between global powers to claim resources. Russia might also enjoy support from China in the face of a possible confrontation with the US.

Fleet Forces Command Chief stated that the US Navy has not witnessed such peer confrontations since the end of the cold war. He further added that the US’ sea control and power projection make two vital elements of the national security and they are being challenged by resurgent powers of the likes of Russia and China.

The US Navy officials clarified that the realities demand that the US must be ready at a large-scale confrontation with Russia. The US also stated that Russia’s submarine activity in the Atlantic is more intense at present than the last 25 years.

Clearly, Washington is well aware of the threats posed by Russia and it is not taking any of these threats lightly. China and Russia are coming closer day by day and the US would surely be wary of that. Russia’s aggressiveness in the Atlantic has got the US hopping and the Atlantic could well become a battleground between Russia and the US in near future.

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