US Planning Chemical Attacks on Syria; Ready To Topple Assad Regime

Is the US Planning Chemical Attacks on Syria? The use of chemical weapons in the Syria crisis has triggered larger threats than ever. The Syria war is turning even more lethal as chemical weapons enter the battlefield. Russia on Monday accused the US of waging a false chemical attack on Syria to be able to launch air strikes and eventually topple the Assad regime. 

The Russian Defence Minister has issued a warning that the US might launch a fake chemical attack by Takrifi militants in Idlib province of Syria to cite an excuse for launching air raids on Syria.

US Conspiring Against Russia 

The Russian Defence Ministry further stated that the US has been intensifying its military presence in the Middle East and has built up a fleet of cruise missile carriers in the region. Russia stated that all of this is a part of a larger conspiracy by the US to provoke fresh attacks on Syria in the response of a fake chemical attack being carried out by foreign militants.

USS Sullivans destroyer armed with 56 cruise missiles has reached the Persian Gulf recently as informed by a spokesman of the Russian Defence Ministry. In addition to this, a US B-1B  bomber armed with 24 air to air cruise missiles has been deployed at an airbase in Qatar. Russia claims that this move by the US is to launch massive attacks on Syria in response to a fake chemical attack being conspired by Washington.

Rockets will hit Idlib in 2 days: Russia

Also, USS Ross which has 28 cruise missiles entered the Mediterranian on August 25. USS Ross is more than capable of hitting any target in Syria. The Russian officials stated that the US might launch an attack with chlorine loaded missiles in Idlib. Russia further warned that militant will strike Idlib within the next two days and then the US will have a reason to launch air raids on war-torn Syria.

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