US Pakistan relationship headed towards downhill?

Islamabad: After the US crackdown on the terrorism in Pakistan, the tension born in the relations between the two countries is increasing rapidly. Now Pakistan has returned five US helicopters which were patrolling the Afghan border.

US Pakistan relations in trouble according to the experts

According to ‘Geo News’, the US had given nine helicopters to Pakistan in 2002. On October 15, Pakistan had returned four of these helicopters back to the US. The news states that the remaining 5 helicopters have also been loaded on the transport aircraft in Islamabad on Monday and are expected to return to America by Tuesday.

According to the news, these helicopters have been used in Balochistan operation for anti-drugs operations. The US-made helicopters have helped Pakistan immensely in the anti-terrorism program. According to the sources, returning the helicopters will affect a significant number of operations of Pakistan, including the monitoring of Pakistan-Afghanistan border. At present, the Pakistani Home Ministry does not have any helicopter in this airspace.